Ancestors to the litter March 1st, 2014/Forfædre til kuldet

My Bonnie Ellis Malkepige

Top sitting:

Mormor til kuldet - grandmother to the litter - Mor/mother to Bodilius SNAP Tilly.

Til højre/right: Bodilius Hyacinth Trunte Isolde Tilly

Til Venstre/left: Bodilius Theta Tilly

Our mother

Bodilius SNAP Tilly - the mother of this litter to be born June 16th, 2014.

We have tried to expand the pedigree a little with pictures of ancestors to the puppies of this litter. So please enjoy watching some pictures that we have gathered.

We all know that this breed is rather young at the present time, and only goes as far back as the 1980s, so here actually are some of the oldest of the breed, that we can possibly trace. Enjoy.

Ulkærgård's Deutscher Hubert

her er Ulkjærgård's Deutscher HUBERT som er fader til kuldet, som skal fødes 1. marts 2014.

Here is Ulkjærgård's Deutscher HUBERT who is the father of the litter to be born March 1st, 2014

Bodilius Hyacinth Trunte Isolde

Her er Bodilius Hyacinth Trunte Isolde, som er moster til Bodilius SNAP Tilly -

Bodilius Hyacinth Trunte Isolde, mother's mother of the litter

Ulkjærgård's Deutscher HUBERT'S far

Her er Ello Exxon, som er Ulkjærgård's Deutscher HUBERT'S far.

This is Ulkjærgård's Deutscher HUBERT'S father

Kilthul's Shine On

Ulkjærgård's Deutscher HUBERT'S farmor

Bjørgstugan's Turbo

Bjørgstugan's Turbo er Ulkærgård's Deutscher Hubert's morfar's morfar.

This is HUBERTS mother's father's mother's father - this is  
Ulkærgård's Deutscher Hubert's grandfather's grandfather

Mother's mother's father

Navarras Tummeliten -

has pedigree from Sweden and can be traced back
to the dog named Wochs-Amy born in 1987 - which is probably back to where the breed was started in Sweden.

Mother's mother's mother

My Bonnie Ellis Malkepige, now retired, and waiting for her great grand children to be born March 1st, 2014

Mother's mother's mothers' father

Danish Champion Son-Mik's Eddie

Mother's mother's mother's mother

My Bonnie Jensigne

Mother's mother's mother's father's father

Agerhønen’s Palle Paranød

Mother's mother's mother's father's mother

Sofie -
she was certified into the breed, and thus the furthest possible back, we can go here.

Mother's mother's mother's mother's father

Dusty - he was certified into the breed, and thus the furthest possible back, we can go on the mother's side

Mother's mother's mother's father's father's mother

Nora Malkeko...
she was certified into the breed, and thus the furthest possible back, we can go.
Nora Malkeko. She is this litter's mother's mother's father's father's mother,and as far back as we can go - presently. I will, however, try to go further.

The face is exactly like the puppies'  great grandmother My Bonnie Elis Malkepige. This is amazing.

Youhais Jolly-Bob

Dette er My Bonnie Ellis Malkepige's father's father's father's father -

This is actually this litter's great grandmother's father's father's father

and then we cannot go further back and find registered ancestors!