Kuld/Litter March 8th 2010!!
We have 5 wonderful puppies

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March 18th
Presently the puppies are sleeping and eating, and eating and sleeping. They do not move about a lot, only a little around the cradle, in order to get to the best milkyway. They still have not got their eyes opened. Their stomachs are big and round, which is good. And they put on weight very well. So all is very fine. They are lovely.
They have now gained weight from 200/225 to 550/600 gram. Almost trippled their birth weight.
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March 14th
We shall try to upload new pictures every day and a little in the diary, although nothing actually happens apart from eating and sleeping. So we shall try to write a little about the 'procedures' in this kennel.

We usually do not decide which puppy is for which family before they are about 6-7 weeks, but you are naturally welcome to make a wish, and if it is possible we shall comply. Mostly it is possible, mind you.
But it is very important to us that we study the puppies before we decide, so that we can accomodate the absolutely best home for each and every puppy. We have never had to find another family for a puppy, and each and every family always inform us, that they did get the best puppy of the litter.

This can only be done when we carefully chose the families for the puppy. We will definately note your wishes for the puppy and we do take it seriously into consideration. We feeel that the temper and character of the puppy is much more significant than how the looks are, and how the spots are placed etc. We hope that you as an adopting family agree. Anyway, most times it is possible to get the puppy you fall in love with.

We only sell puppies as family dogs and not for breeding. This is mainly due to the fact that we cannot foresee at the age of 8 weeks, if we have breeding material - for sure. For this the puppies need to be older.
And again we must emphasize that the most important weeks in the puppy's life are the weeks from 8-14 approximately. This is the period where you should make all the effords as a family to socialize the puppy to your human family. By investing a lot of time and energy during this first period of your life with the puppy, your
family will get a very very good family dog. The puppy needs to know that its closest 'next of kin' is you - the humans. Only then do you really get a terrific family dog.

8th March we had 5 puppies!!
The puppis were born on the International Women's Day Monday March 8th - and we had 4 ladies and 1 male. During the week-end Hyacinth was slightly uneasy and restless. But not until Monday morning did she start the birth. She had the first puppy at 12.45 and the last one at 17.45, i.e. 5.45 p.m. Danish time.
All 5 puppies were almost same size and very much alike, all white with black spots in different places, and most of them with brown cheeks - closed eyes.


We have put a lot of picturs on the website: 'Pics Litter March 8th, 2010' 

No visitors are allowed here in our home the first couple of weeks. We do not need extra germs and bacteria. So noone sees and touches the puppies but ourselves.

Hyacinth is a very good mother, and she does everything herself - licks the little ones all dry, bites over the naval string - and they start immediately their journey towards the milk, of which there is plenty.
She knows exactly what to do and when to do it. No human assistance is required. She wants us to be near her,
to be there with her, during the birth. No doubt about that. But we are not supposed to do anything.
It is a very good thing that the dog can do everything herself. It's healthy and good strong genes and instincts.

We do not touch the puppies very much the first couple of days. Hyacinth is very eager that we do not take them, so we do not want to bother her too much. She loves that we are here and praises the little ones and herself all the time. THAT we are allowed to do. She does not want to leave the 'cave' unless it is for doing her business in the garden, and then immediately in full speed back to the house again.

The puppies do nothing but eat and sleep.

Hyacinth gets her food 'in bed' so to speak, as she refuses to leave the craddle. She gets  Eukanuba for puppies and strawberry yoghurt and trunks of ham. Eukanuba for puppies are the strongest and with the most protein. We try to give her the best.

We have weighed them on day No. 3. Please see the weight scheme. They weigh approximately 225-250 grams the first day. We just keep a good eye towards them having their little tommies good and round all the time, and them we weighed them from day 3. We shall weigh them every day the first couple of weeks, in order to be sure that they are all eating well.

We have found good old Danish names for them. These are oldfashioned Danish names - but we really like the names.
The new families can of course name the puppies anything they like and call them what they like.

Bodilius Ingrid Margrethe Tilly

Bodilius Ragnhild Emilie Tilly

Bodilius Kirstine Astrid Tilly

Bodilius Frederik Olaf Puck Tilly (the male)

Bodilius Caroline Mathilde Tilly

6th March 2010 - Still waiting........

Hyacinth is still doing very well and enjoying her pregnancy. She is dictating the rest of the family what to do......and we do it!
The queen wants to eat........the queen wants to go into the garden...............the queen wants more and fresh water............ the queen wants to sleep on the couch............ the queen wants to go digging for mice in the garden.........and so on.

Now there is not long to go, although the time sometimes feel very loooooooooooooong for the rest of us, accomodating the queen's smallest wishes.

Anyway, Hyacinth has not yet started showing the usual signs: Going off the food - scraping violently in the couch or in the 'craddle' - wanting to empty her stomach completely - so we do not believe that it will be tonight. However, one never knows.
WE are ready!!............and excited!!

Hyacinth usually gives birth during the night, and it normally only takes 4-6 hours. She does everything herself: licking them completely dry, biting the naval string, pushing them towards the milk. She is a fantastic mother, and the first 3 weeks we do nothing but cuddle the little ones.

27th February 2010 - Not long to go now!

Hyacinth is doing very well. Her stomach is betting much bigger day by day - and we have been able to feel the little ones tapping - maybe tapdancing? - when we touch her stomach gently
It is wonderful to see how she is taking good care of herself: She gets a reasonably amount of exercise, and proper food. She does not eat a lot at the time. Probably the stomach is not so big. (Don't we women all know it.) So she eats many times a day. She takes stroles in the garden every so often - this is approximately once an hour, so we have to jump up and open the doors for the queen. She even has the look and the attitude as of a queen! No doubt about it: She is enjoying to be pregnant. And she is now completely ready for the little ones.

We have made up her 'craddle' for the little ones, and it has (as usual) been inspected and finally approved. But not until we provided it with a big layer of an eiderdown blanket. She loves to lay down onto something soft.

We believe that she has a size of 4-5 puppies. But one never knows.

Dyrlægen mener, at der er 4-5 hvalpe - mindst!!

Hyacinth har det godt og er blevet meget tykkere her på det sidste. Det er nu hun begynder at bule ud.

The vet believes that there are 4-5 puppies -
at least!!

Hyacinth is doing very well. She has become much more heavy around the stomach - so now she starts gaining weight.

Here we write a diary when the little ones are born and also before

Her skriver vi dagbog fra de små fødes - og også lidt fra før fødslen, så de ventende familier kan følge med i udviklingen i Kennel Bodilius.

Here we write a diary when the little ones are born and also before - so that the waiting families can follow the development at Kennel Bodilius

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